8 Ways to Sweep your Japanese Girlfriend off Her Feet

Japanese women are some of the most adorable, sweet, sexy, and romantic women known to men. They absolutely adore romanticism, but this is often underestimated due to their shy demeanor. Japanese women are both very sentimental as well as committed in their relationships – so worrying about being cheated on for the most part can become a pastime.

Japanese women are both very modern and very fashionable, and you should be too! It helps to be well groomed and well dressed, because it gives her the impression you have pride, confidence, and care how you look for her – at least on some level comparably to how much she cares about her appearance for you!

pretty Japanese woman in white bikini

1) Win her with words of love

Japanese women absolutely love being flattered, and romantically engaged with their lover. Sending her sweet, genuine text messages or letters can be very effective, and it strengthens the bond both of you have as well as the personal touch that you put into expressing your love for her.

This is not something most Japanese women are used to, and given the decline of marriages in Japan, it successfully gives the impression that you love her and are interested in a long-term relationship and bond with her. Want to really win her over? Call her words of affection such as beautiful by saying “kawai” or “kerie”.

2) Giving flowers is your loves dreams come true

Unlike the experience many of us might have with giving flowers or roses to American or other western women, Japanese women happen to absolutely love receiving specially picked out flowers or roses, for nearly any occasion.

Although Japanese women tend to be quiet shy and may not comment much on it, you can usually tell by her emotional and facial reaction how sweet and appreciated it is. Although it might be “embarrassing” for her if you send it to her work, do not mistaken this for being the wrong move – it’s actually a quite special, loving touch and won’t go unnoticed.

3) Bring her romantic dreams to life

Japanese women absolutely love being catered to sometimes, and doing it doesn’t require too much effort or anything out of the ordinary. In fact, Japanese women are very receptive to even the smallest of things, so doing something big and special for her is all the more appreciated.

Believe it or not, unlike western women or many others you might have experience with in the past, Japanese women are less materialistic and tend to be quite sentimental.

Consider making your Japanese lover breakfast in bed, and allure her with words affection and genuine romance. This will make your Japanese lovers day, and they absolutely adore romantic movies so something like this will definitely get you further in your relationship and love.

4) Saying “I love you” is not overrated

Barring you use discretion, telling your Japanese lover how much you love her in words is very appreciated and purposeful in your relationship. If you manage to do it with her on the phone, then even more brownie points for you – just make sure you mean it.

Japanese women are extremely loyal, and misleading her could lead to unwanted heartbreak on her end. Make no mistake, as sincere and lovable as Japanese women can be, they can also bite back and are not afraid to express themselves – just don’t expect this in public.

Typically, Japanese women are pretty big about keeping relationship problems or discretions in private and at home– for them reputation is very important, as is integrity. So treat her with the respect she deserves, and don’t ever attempt to argue with or insult her, especially in public – the Japanese stick together!

stunning Japanese girl in the bathroom

5) Pet names and being sincere

While many western women do not look kindly on this or find it annoying, pet names are actually quite desirable and Japanese women really appreciate it – barring it’s appropriate and genuine.

It doesn’t mean you have to try super hard to come up with a “pet name” for your Japanese love, just be creative and let it naturally flow. It doesn’t have to be weird, and honestly can be as simple as “my amor”, “my love”, or “my sweetheart”.

Don’t be surprised if she makes one up for you too, and combines the Japanese meaning or name with your English name to be cute and create a unique nickname for you in return.

6) Kisses are worth a thousand words

Though western women in particular seem to have an especially common tendency to be moody more than we might like, this is not typically the case for Japanese women. In return, this makes you both more motivated, as well as likely to be more romantic and sincere with your Japanese woman – or future wife!

Giving genuine, short or long kisses to your Japanese lover throughout the day is much appreciated, and is guaranteed to strengthen the bond between you. It doesn’t have to be unusual or at inappropriate times, but consistency is key and will let her know that you truly have love for her, enjoy her company, and are not afraid to show your affection for her.

Believe it or not, Japanese men in general do not have reputations for being so romantic, nor verbally expressing their love for their significant other regularly, if at all. Be her romantic “dreamboy” and expect a loving, consideration, and supportive Japanese woman in return.

7) Sharing your food is sharing your heart

Food in Japan is a big thing, and nearly every Japanese person you meet (especially woman) will take great pride in their cultural reasoning behind their cooking, and of course how you rate their cooking skills.

As we’ve pointed out earlier, Japanese men don’t tend to be the most affectionate, expressive, or emotional with their Japanese wives. Because of this, something as simple as sharing your food with your Japanese girlfriend can actually bring the two of you all the more closer.

It can be as little as offering her your first or last bite. This is definitely seen as a sign of dedication, love, and enhances the bond between you.

8) If you’re going to propose, do it with a flare

If and when the day comes when you’re ready to pop the “Big Question”, consider doing it with great style, be unique, and make it just right. You should by now know your Japanese woman fairly well, so whether it’s at her favorite place, bundles and bundles of flowers, a Hello Kitty giant stuffed animal, or asking her in the center of her city.

There’s no reason not to do it with a big “boom”, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go crazy spending money to do so. In fact, doing it in public, and showing others how in love you are with her, and why, could really seal the deal if you’re ready to take the next step with your Japanese lover.

It doesn’t always have to be this way, and if your Japanese girlfriend is especially shy then take that into consideration. Perhaps you’ll wind up doing it at her favorite restaurant, or, in front of her family. Good luck, and always follow your heart with sincerity.

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