Want a Japanese Girlfriend? Don’t Do This!

Japanese women are very sweet, typically rather docile, shy, and adore the man they fall in love with. They have a great sense of fashion, are playful, and love to have a good time.

In comparison to most Western women Japanese women are calmer, enjoy spending time with you, are very loyal, and give what they receive! This can be very refreshing and desirable, as plenty of European and American women seem to be one-sided at times, so this will be a very positive change and something worth recognizing.

Take into consideration some of these fine pointers about pursuing and dating Japanese women. Also, what to avoid and some red flags so you can make the most out of your search, and save yourself a headache.

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What to avoid with Japanese Women

While Japanese women can be very accommodating, sweet, and supportive there are a few things to look out for.

For starters, not all Japanese women are passive, docile, and kind. Like any relationship, it’s important that you remain aware of the so-called common “honeymoon period”. Give it a few months, don’t jump to any conclusions, but remain on your guard.

Speaking of a honeymoon period, make no mistake, Japanese women can be very loving and lovely, randomly giving you gifts, kisses, checking up on you throughout the day and dropping by to surprise you. But, it’ll be up to you to separate the real from the fake – so read on.

If your Japanese girlfriend or lover is coming off as obsessive, controlling, harasses or overwhelms you with text messages every second you’re not together, its likely to move on. These are undoubtedly red flags, and it’s worth pointing out that Japan – if at all – has very minimal mental health services, professionals, or awareness in the country – so it’s something to keep in mind.

Although it’s not anywhere near as frequent as American women, should you pick the wrong one, don’t be surprised if when you try to break up with your Japanese girlfriend that she plays games or say the “I’m pregnant” card.

Stay Away from Games

For some reason, a lot of Japanese women have been reported to have a tendency to try to influence or control her man’s money, especially if you are currently or getting married. While this is not to say all do, try to look out for this early in the game so you don’t get stuck with a woman that’d try to play such games.

We as men can appreciate there’s a great difference between making joint decisions as lovers and when being married, versus your woman dipping into, taking from, or feeling entitled to the money that you make beyond reason.

This reinforces the next piece of advice which is to take your time and be certain that your Japanese lover is the woman for you. Because if she’s not, and you get married in Japan understand that the courts will always rule in your wife or ex-wife’s favor, including when it comes to children and custody.

Also, when it comes to Japanese women it’s worth mentioning that in their culture it’s not unheard of for a spouse to cheat on another, pretend they don’t know or care, and even do it to each other. Is this common? No, but, don’t put out what you’re not willing to get in return.

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Good v. Bad Habits

If you want to get the most out of your relationship, fall in love, and stay happy with your Japanese love take into consideration some of the following pieces of advice.

Being a good listener, patient, and knowing when to be serious is critical to a good relationship with a Japanese woman. You shouldn’t be the only one who can openly talk or complain about a rough day or woes. Men who aren’t willing to do this often pay a bad price or lose the woman they love. Also, don’t be afraid of a little “PDA” (Public Display of Affection), Japanese women love this.

Be creative, think with your heart, and show your Japanese woman love. We’ve talked a lot about things to look out for, and what not to do. Taking care of your Japanese lover when she’s doing good and happy, as well as when she’s down or sick will build trust, and a special bond.

Japanese women love things like this, and often, don’t usually get this from Japanese men. Don’t be afraid to be romantic and sweet, surprise her with hugs and kisses, cover her up at night when she’s cold or sleeping, and don’t hesitate to be physically affectionate either.

Want to create a bond that can’t be broken?

Go the extra mile to visit your lover at work, or if she’s home, to visit her at home when she thinks you’re at work and bring her chocolates, a teddy bear, or something else sweet that you know she really likes. Most Japanese women have a love for Anime, comics, or video games so get to know her and give her something special, cute, and that she can remember you by and hug when you’re working or away.

Most importantly, again, give what you wish to receive. Create some sort of boundaries in the beginning of the relationship, and at least make clear your expectations for her and understand hers for you. Japanese women are not necessarily bad communicators, and although shy, if you’re deeply in love and have a strong relationship it shouldn’t be a problem.

Also, don’t mistake your Japanese woman’s desire to spend time with you as obsessive – unless you think it really is – but rather, that she just wants to make memories with you and is a sentimental person. It’s highly advised to never fight, let alone curse, at your Japanese lover in public. This is a huge insult, and can easily end a relationship and even get you into a fight and trouble with the locals.

Make no mistake, no matter how big you may think Japan is, just about everyone knows somebody through a family member or friend. And let’s be honest, you’ll stand out for obvious reasons, and people will know who you are, so carry yourself with respect, pride, and love for your woman and life, no matter where you are.

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